Deanna Wharwood - The Veterans' Coach Services

As an experienced and successful, serial entrepreneur, I am someone who will show you step by step, how to master the 9 Core Competencies of Business in order to successfully start and/or grow your business to the high 6 figures mark. I will coach, train and mentor you and I show you the ins and outs of owning your own business.


Why choose me?


I am the most cost effective way to mitigate your risk in small business start-up and growth. Point blank. Period.

  • Retired Senior Officers hire me because they know that I will tell them the truth, something they may not have heard in a long time.
  • Retired Junior Officers hire me because they know I will show them how to market their education, talent and skills and create the “biggest bang” for their proverbial buck.
  • Retired Senior Enlisted hire me because I have “been there and done that” and I have the battle scars to prove it.
  • Junior Enlisted hire me because I provide the guidance they want, the support they need, and the direction that will create a super smooth transition from military member to millionaire mogul.
  • Female Veterans hire me because I understand, intimately, the challenges they face when returning to the civilian sector after being in a male-dominated culture for so long. I show them how to transition back to the civilian sector and to create the systems they need to manage their lives, their families, and their assets.
  • Male Veterans hire me because I can converse with them in a manner that they are accustomed to without getting frightened or offended.
  • Military spouses hire me because they know, no matter what, I will go above and beyond the call of duty for my clients. After all, I was a “Doc.” They know that their privacy, confidentiality and integrity will be protected.

Services Include:


Bullet Proof Business Battle Strategy for Your Business Success

The Bullet Proof Business Battle Strategy is designed to help active duty, veterans and military retirees overcome the first of the "three big hurdles" of small business start up, the Business Plan. Our plans are designed to be perfect for presenting to banks and other organizations for capitalization, however, we don't stop here. We add a fully developed sales funnel and marketing plan for your business so that you know your mission and hit your targets. Finally, we add a daily action plan designed to help you reach your income goals by systemitizing your daily specific, small steps that create income in your business.




Bullet Proof Business Advanced Battle Academy

The Bullet Proof Business Advanced Battle Academy is a One-on-One Coaching, Consulting, Training and Implementation Program for Service-Based Businesses and Consultants: The experts at Deanna Wharwood and Associates become your team for a full year of training, coaching and support regardless whether you are a start-up or a business that needs to grow. The Battle Academy includes full access to the Bullet Proof Business Blueprint, Advanced Battle Academy, two very supportive forums and so much more. Individual calls are scheduled where the entrepreneur can consult with Deanna Wharwood and the team of experts she has assembled regarding any of their specific issues. All Advanced Battle Academy clients actively participate in joint ventures, cross-promotions and enjoy elite access to resources to explode their business.



Bullet Proof Business Basic Training

Bullet Proof Business Basic Training: Bullet Proof Business Basic Training is a 3 month long Group Coaching, Training and Mentorship Program. This program includes access to the Bulletproof Business Blueprint as well as group coaching and training. Each month there are two 1 hour group coaching calls we come together to address members' challenges and explore avenues of further profitability. Becoming part of the Bullet Proof Business Basic Training Program is a three month long commitment with an additional additional subscription for implementation and accountability support. Coaching and training is provided via Internet platforms, articles, videos, calls and digital downloads.



On-site Bullet Proofing Your Business 

The Onsite Bullet Proofing Your Business is a one-on-one program that begins with Deanna Wharwood coming to your location to assess your site, your business, your plans, your systems and your competition. Individual calls are scheduled where the entrepreneur can consult with the various members of the team regarding their market specific challenges. This program includes a complete, onsite review and overhaul of the current business strategies, operations and systems to ensure that the business will operate profitably as well as total implementation support for the period of one year.